Directorate Of Elementary & Secondary Education (Male/Female)

The Directorates of Elementary & Secondary Education Male & Female, headed by the Director Public Instruction (DPI), are the important component of the school side education sector and responsible to implement government policies and initiatives envisaged to promote elementary and secondary education in AJ&K following the instructions and guidelines of SED. DPI is in-charge of the directorate and is assisted by two BS-19 Additional Directors in his day to day routine activities and other responsibilities.

Functions Of DPI

These Directorates (Male & Female) are responsible for service matters of 3809 school and 28000 teachers and supporting staff in their recruitment, postings, promotions, retirement, disciplinary matters and coordination. It also valued the performance of the school staff of districts with monitoring and reporting duties, etc. The Directorates (Male & Female) are also responsible for the matters of supporting staff in schools. Directorate Male & Female keeps service record of all levels of officers at their headquarter. All the matters pertaining to Pension, GP fund and all types of leave cases are processed in the subject Directorate.